Lagomar events location

Lagomars unique architecture has been used the world over as the perfect backdrop for a host of TV programs, films and fashion shoots, the breathtaking grounds are the perfect location for both indoor and outdoor photography.

The grounds consist of a labyrinth of caves and stunning volcanic monoliths that seam to come alive as the light and shadows sweep over them, a stark and complete contrast to the smooth white rendered curves and clean lines of the surrounding architecture.Each and every corner you turn as you walk around the alluring grounds of Lagomar will reveal something new and inspiring. Making your way up to the top of the property via steps that have been carved out of the mountainside reveals vistas out over Lanzarote’s volcanic ranges and across the Atlantic Ocean, the perfect position for catching the amazing Lanzarote sunset.

This exclusive venue is available for all type of corporate events including.

• Media Shoots
• Weddings
• Live Music events
• Art exhibitions

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